Resilience Training For Woo-Curious Professionals

By combining modern personal development techniques with practical spirituality, I help you build an unshakeable foundation in resilience so you can overcome stress, build self-trust, and increase your capacity to thrive. Learn more about how my unique methods can support your journey.

birth chart readings

Astrological Guidance & Birth Chart Reading

Through a blend of natal astrology and intuitive guidance, we will explore your personal rhythms and patterns, uncovering actionable insights that help keep you grounded amid life's uncertainties. Whether your focus is personal, professional, or somewhere in between, these sessions will equip you with the clear strategies needed to thrive.

Choose from a variety of readings designed to fit your needs:

  • šŸ‘‰ Goal Setting & Business Strategy: Harness the power of your Mars sign to define clear, achievable objectives.
  • šŸ‘‰ Intuitive Self Discovery: Explore the depths of your personality and potential in real-time.
  • šŸ‘‰ 12 Month Rhythm Reading: Map out your year ahead with personalized guidance that aligns with your natural astrological cycles.

Each reading is an opportunity to give yourself support on journey of self-discovery and healing, through targeted insights from your birth chart that you can embrace or reflect on at your own pace.

the best of both worlds

Private Monthly Coaching

You've been at this long enough to know that success is bigger than a fatter bottom line and a sexy conversion rate (though, those things are certainly part of the equation). Seasons of change, chaos, transition, and burnout are meant to strengthen your mettle…not cause it to crumble.

I work with private clients either in a set number of monthly 1:1 sessions or via Voxer (an asynchronous voice messaging app). You have the ability to build-your-own coaching package, based on your goals and the type of support you're craving.

If you're interested in monthly coaching together, I encourage you to download my current coaching price list and book a $50 Practical Woo Playdate. This is the best way to get a real-time taste of my coaching and see if we're a fit to work together to get the results you want.

intuitive retreat or mastermind support

Hire Me As Your Group's Spiritual Guide

Offering intuitive tarot, astrology, and Practical Woo guidance workshops for in-person retreats, virtual experiences, and masterminds.

Whether you're planning to blow the minds of your guests at your next in-person retreat OR looking for a community-minded space holder to offer readings, and coach members on things like holistic resilience, self trust, creativity, mindset, and leadership – consider me your resident spiritual guide & resilience trainer.

Real Results From Past Clients

Kasey chase, Business manager & doo certified pro

"Started Thriving More Personally And Professionally"

Working with Ash has been a life-changing experience. The results that I received were instantaneous. Ash gives you the tools to start using right away. I did the work, used the tools, and started thriving more personally and professionally.

Shay Schindler, Sales coach & podcast host

"More Confident And Grounded In Myself"

“I've said goodbye to an addiction and got a job offer I ultimately turned down because it was out of alignment. I'm genuinely feeling more confident and grounded in myself.”

We're a Good Fit If...

You're woo curious

Whether it's through astrology, tarot, or other forms of spiritual exploration, you see value in how these perspectives can expand your understanding of yourself.

committed to your growth

You're done with quick fixes and instead are ready to view challenges as opportunities for growth and actively participate in the transformative process.

Life built on impact

You're building a career that not only brings you financial + professional satisfaction but one that will make a positive impact in your field + community.