Astrological Guidance & Birth Chart Readings With Ash

Your safe space to translate the wisdom of your birth chart into practical, everyday guidance

Ever wished life came with a manual? It does—your birth chart is a comprehensive guide to navigating your unique path. Your reading will help you harness this celestial blueprint to clarify your journey and enhance self-awareness.

Through a blend of natal astrology, intuitive guidance and resilience science, we will explore your personal rhythms + patterns, as well as actionable insights that will keep you grounded amid life's uncertainties. Whether your focus is personal, professional, or somewhere in between, these sessions equip you with the clear strategies needed to thrive.


I absolutely LOVED my time with Ash! She was extremely knowledgeable and had so much insight on the patterns that I might be experiencing in my life and what I might be feeling. I felt truly taken care of, like my experience was uniquely my own. Ash was more than willing to segue into a deeper explanation if I had questions or had insight to offer, which as a newbie made me feel very comforted. After the reading, I left feeling empowered. Like I had a whole new resource to use to make sense of the patterns in my life and the way I think about things.

— Heather Terwilliger, Intuitive Funnel Designer

I loved getting my natal chart read by Ash! She was patient and explained all the jargon to me so I could really follow along and understand the whole astrology thing and how to harness that knowledge to plan ahead and care for myself. I loved what I learned and loved that feeling of justification that comes with things I’ve been wondering about myself. Highly recommend it ❤️

— Laura Matteson, Visual Aid Designer

Goal Setting & Business Strategy Reading — $120

Focused 30-minute pre-recorded readings perfect for busy professionals and entrepreneurs who need concise, strategic advice without adding another appointment to their calendar. Practical for those who have specific questions or need quick guidance on their business goals, insights to clarify career paths and practical guidance on pursuing your objectives with cosmic precision.

Ash will tap into your questions and provide answers via specific points in your birth chart, and send you a link with the recording.

While everyone's reading is unique, common themes covered in a Goal Setting & Business Strategy Reading are:

👉 How to use your Mars sign for goal setting and follow thru
👉 How to tailor your personal brand based on your Midheaven
👉 How to spread your message based on your 3rd and 11th House

**Please note that the week you purchase is just when you’ll receive your recorded reading—the week you select doesn’t need to coincide with a specific life event.**

Intuitive Self Discovery Session - $220

45-minute live Zoom session to allow for deeper exploration and real-time interaction that combines astrological guidance with intuitive coaching. This is ideal for exploring your inner landscape and unlocking insights into your behavior and potential with a real-time exploration of your core traits and patterns.

Discover ways to enhance your self-awareness and integrate astrological wisdom into your daily life, helping you to navigate challenges and embrace your strengths.

Great for specific deep-dive questions and for a holistic interpretation of what your birth chart has to say about your innate gifts, life direction, and next steps.

12 Month Rhythm Reading — $300

Comprehensive 60-minute live reading to uncover your signature rhythms and decode the patterns that define your life. Tailored to help you harmonize with your natural rhythms, this session provides you with a clear month-by-month roadmap for personal and professional growth, tailored specifically to your unique astrology. Perfect for those seeking to enhance planning, self-discovery, and mindfulness, this session anticipates challenges and maximizes opportunities.

While everyone's reading is unique, common themes covered in a Rhythm Readings are:

  • 👉 Focusing on what’s most relevant for you each season to maintain clarity and direction.

  • 👉 Understanding why certain times feel more challenging and how to approach these periods with gentleness and strategic planning.

  • 👉 Gaining a clear understanding of what each month holds for you specifically and how to harness this knowledge to optimize your daily life.

  • 👉 Cultivating a robust confidence in the power and accuracy of your own birth chart.

As a BONUS, you'll receive a customized digital journal—your very own Book of Rhythms—that you can use for monthly self-check-ins and integrating the energy of each Zodiac season. This tool helps to continually align your daily life with the cosmic flows, deepening your understanding and application of the session’s revelations.

Before purchasing, please see the policies below. Click through to our full terms and policies for more information.

No Refunds: There are no refunds after purchase. Please deeply consider your needs before purchasing a reading or session with Ash. If there is an extenuating circumstance (i.e., loss of life), a refund/cancellation will be considered if acceptable documentation is provided. 


Submitting Questions For Readings: In order to pull your birth chart, I'll need your birth date, birth time, and birth location (City, State or if born outside of the United States, use City, Country). You'll be asked this information upon booking your slot. If you don't know it at the time of booking, you can email it to me before your session. Failure to send your question will result in a termination of your appointment time and a 75% refund.


Payment Plans: There are no payment plans for readings or sessions with Ash. All payments must be made in full in order to book your reading.


Gifting Readings: You are welcome to gift any reading to a loved one. Upon booking, you’ll want to input the gift recipient’s information, instead of your own. There is an intake form that’s sent after booking that MUST be complete before our session. This will be sent to the email that registers. Please bear this in mind when booking and making arrangements to gift. If you have questions about making arrangements for gifting a reading – shoot me an email ash[at]


Questions: Please reach out to with any questions prior to purchasing.