Intuitive, personalized sessions that blend no-nonsense spiritual insight with practical strategies so you can develop the inner tools needed to navigate uncertainty

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I’m on a mission to integrate practical, no-nonsense spirituality with modern self-growth techniques. I believe anything is possible when you have the right tools and Practical Woo is the missing tool we need to 5x our self-trust, reduce stress, and increase our capacity.

What You'll Walk Away With

In this LIVE 50-minute Zoom Call, we’ll untangle your current situation or feelings to get to the root of what’s actually happening. From there, we’ll dig into where this is causing energy leaks, explore some new perspectives to help you navigate out of the present fog, and create a Practical Woo Care Plan that details your next steps and what no-nonsense spiritual tools will be most helpful for you right now. 

What Past Clients Have Said


I absolutely LOVED my time with Ash during our Natal Chart reading. She was extremely knowledgeable and had so much insight on the patterns that I might be experiencing in my life and what I might be feeling. I felt truly taken care of, like my experience was uniquely my own. Ash was more than willing to segue into a deeper explanation if I had questions or had insight to offer, which as a newbie made me feel very comforted. After the reading, I left feeling empowered. Like I had a whole new resource to use to make sense of the patterns in my life and the way I think about things.

— Heather T.

I've struggled with trusting my experience and intuition for a long time. Through therapy and better respect for my boundaries it's been getting easier. But this really lit the fire. Things that I knew to be true but couldn't quite connect to the feeling of being true came into full focus. It felt like you were crafting a support structure around my inner monologue. You have such an incredibly vast knowledge of the cards and how they relate to one another and did such an amazing job translating them into concepts that I could see reflected in my life. The ah-ha moments are by far the best!

— Stacey M.

Ash gave me a few extra tools in the toolbox to use as “permission” for me to just accept myself and the season I'm in. We got to talk a lot of astrology, and she even took a peek at my chart on this call to help go over my Big Three and how I can start working towards expressing the higher vibrations of those signs. Ash has a whole host of tools to pull out to help walk you through wherever you stand in life – without judgements or expectations! Very excited to be able to keep working with the foundation she helped me create.

— Abigale T.

Before my session I was very excited. I have had some areas of my life that I am very unsure about and after the session I finally gained clarity on what I need to be doing to keep progressing forward personally and professionally. Your delivery and explanations of everything were my favorite part! Just your entire presence and energy you emit is comforting and inviting.

— Kasey c.

I have worked with Ash on and off for over a year – and gradually she has been helping me build the tools in my toolbox so that I can be the best version of myself and learn to not self sabotage along the way. I have come a long way with the tools she has helped me with – she creates space, is genuine, and makes you feel so seen. I cannot wait to reconnect with Ash again!

— Cassandra C.

I love any chance to work with Ash on my mindset. Calls with Ash are invaluable to my personal and professional life. She provides a space to really be present and focus on whatever aspect of life you are trying to improve and I always walk away with action items and homework that not only yield the results I want but are FUN.

— Sydney B.

"What Did You LOVE MOST About Your Playdate?"

🗣️ “Confirmation! I'm not crazy, all the things I have been thinking are real and true and on the right track.”

🗣️ “Affirming I'm using the tools the best I can and that I can take time to do these activities to increase my resilience.

🗣️ “Honestly, you just sitting there and listening to me while being able to look at my chart and just accept me for where I was at was exactly what I didn’t realize I needed”

🗣️ “Chatting about how I can reframe being visible… ‘I am willing to believe I am only surrounded by people who adore me.‘”

🗣️ “Holy crap, you helped me outline My 10-step method!…showing me that I DO already have a process and then helping to pull it out of me was so powerful!”

"I Got To Spend a Magical Hour Feeling So Supported And Safe"

I love how Ash thinks about things and shares her perspective. I've worked with Ash in the past and I KNOW the energy she brings to her craft; her takes are always so illuminating! I felt anxious about business and the direction I should be heading. I had some inklings, but wasn't trusting myself with them. After a down-and-dirty convo, we pulled some cards and Ash gave words to how I was feeling. Not only did I get to spend a magical hour feeling so supported and safe, I received concrete action steps so I could continue to regulate my nerves and find balance instead of continuing to burn myself out.

— Angelica Ross, Copywriter & Messaging Strategist

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Wassup, I'm Ash

Rooted in humor, spirituality, and a call to personal bravery, my coaching blends practical strategies with spiritual insights. As a Holistic Resilience Trainer, I’ve coached experts, professionals, and hard workers across many industries – marketing, leadership & management, advertising, mental wellness, data science, and scrapbooking. No matter your industry, the obstacles are the same. I'm here to guide you through those challenges like imposter syndrome, burnout, and career uncertainty. Using my own special sauce called Practical Woo, I integrate modern mindset coaching with spiritual practices + insight to help you deepen your self-trust, reduce stress, and increase your capacity to thrive. My approach is all about helping you to transform uncertainty into growth.

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