Right after I started coaching for the first time. Or, more accurately, resilience training found me. I did not seek out this work; I was going through the most turbulent, anxious, dark period of my life. My husband and I had sold our house on the East side of the state (after 60 showings, fml), and moved ourselves and our 3 boys in with my in-laws while we looked for a house…which was promptly put on hold as we all grappled with what became of the world after March 2020.

I had started my own spiritual journey in 2017, letting my curiosity guide me to tarot, astrology and spirit work.

But it wasn't until the murky waters of 2020 that I started to really lean on the tools I had found. Of course, these weren't the only tools I had: I was learning coaching tools from my coach training (as well as self-talk from my own experiences in trauma therapy). I explored self-hypnosis, somatic work, and Jungian psychology – all of which were individually helpful in their own ways. These are the modern tools that are proven to help the human mind and ease our worldly experiences. But what of the spiritual? I deeply believe that we are not physical beings with a spirit, but rather spiritual beings having a physical one. Which means, spirituality is an essential part of a meaningful existence…but one that is chronically missing in the conversations we have about burnout, stress management, and resilience training. Actually, I’d go so far as to say that spirituality is one of the most important pieces in individual resilience. These aren't just empty words I hold dear. This is the truth of my lived experience. 

Because, it was my own budding spirituality that kept me tethered to Earth during the darkest nights. It was the little synchronicities in my days, like winks from God, that helped me feel like I could keep going.

That maybe, it was possible that this wasn't just my life now. Maybe this was just a really, really, really shitty season. Maybe, if I could just hold on a bit longer, this season wouldn't last forever. Maybe, with the right tools, I could emerge on the other side of this hellish soul-opening season of uncertainty.

And I did.

More Than Just Survive, 3 Months After These Insights...

 I had the stamina and the confidence to go on and work with some of the biggest names in the online space: Bossbabe, Female Entrepreneur Association, The Page Company, Aaron Doughty, Adrienne Richardson, and so many more.

I didn't know it then, but what I was doing – using both modern self-growth tools with spiritual practices – was building my resilience. I was deepening my self trust, reducing stress, and increasing my capacity to not just endure the hard stuff, but to also stay present for the good.

That's what resilience building is all about and my integrated approach is called Practical Woo, because that's what we do. After experiencing the results of what Practical Woo worked in my life (and now dozens and dozens of coaching clients later) Practical Woo is the missing link in our inner toolkits.

These are the two sides of resilience. These are the two sides of what makes really robust, extremely powerful, effective inner tools. The kind of inner tools that can help you find light in the darkness and transform uncertainty into an accomplice for your greatest evolution yet.

Let's get you the tools you need.

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Are There Spiritual Tools I Recommend?

At the end of the day, spirituality is so personal, and if you want to really cultivate a sense of resilience, then it's important that you cultivate and define what your flavor of spirituality is and how it helps you. And that's Big Work. 

Also? It's work that never ends. If I'm being honest, my own spirituality is constantly evolving and I'm always learning new tools and concepts. However, there are 2 tools I keep returning to time and again (maybe you’ve noticed): tarot and astrology.

Why? Tarot and astrology are universal spiritual languages that can be used and applied by any person, of any background, at any point in time. They are super accessible systems of understanding and communicating with your own soul. They've been an instrumental part of my journey and it's why I'm committed to continue using and teaching them here.

so What Got You Into Tarot & Astrology?

I started reading tarot in 2017, after the birth of my third son. Tarot gave me a language to speak to myself during a time when I had neither anything kind to say to myself nor the energy to really reflect deeply. Tarot was a life-long fascination that I finally allowed myself to explore and I have not once looked back. Tarot taught me symbolism and the value of a good question. It was the first time that spirituality felt alive to me because I had something that could speak back to me. But it wasn't until astrology that I felt a sense of reverence and connection to something bigger than me.

For Astrology, stargazing is what started it all

It was a weeknight during April 2020. That was all I knew since the days had all started bleeding together somewhere in the 3rd week of shelter-in-place orders. Burnout felt like a paltry word to describe what I was feeling: desolate, aimless, depleted. I had this bone-deep, spirit-deflating exhaustion that clung to the purpled skin of my eyes and hung off my personality like matted hair. 

Every morning was groundhog’s day: I’d wake up nauseous, dreading another day of trying to figure out virtual kindergarten for my then 6-year-old while juggling client deliverables and cleaning up after my wily 4-year-old and his 2-year-old accomplice. 

I was going certifiably insane.

So every night, in an effort to preserve at least 2 brain cells that I’d be able to use the next day, I’d put the kids to bed, pop on my headphones, throw some boots on, and step out the back patio to crane my neck up at a dark, glittering sky. 

While everyone grasped for something different during this time, Tiger King, toilet paper, T-Swift, and breadmaking…I had THIS. 

These eternal flames burning billions of lightyears away from where I stood. My sparkling counsel of reminders that even amid gargantuan upheaval and uncertainty, some things would remain inevitable. 

Change being one of them. 

The constellations would shift, too slow for me to notice every night, but enough to realize that 3 months later, I was staring up at a different sky. 

A year later, I'd find familiar friends winking back at me. So much change and here we meet again. 

Drinking in the nocturnal sky was my first love of astrology. Before I carefully studied the archetypes, their mythos, or practical applications – I beseeched them personally.

that was how i learned to dance with change

...to embrace its inevitability

And isn't that what resilience is? The constellations tell stories and while they may shift and evolve over time, the rhythm of them do not. And this is the power in astrology. No matter what stage of breakdown, burnout or reinvention you find yourself in – if you can identify the rhythm, you'll never lose your center.

That epiphany was the catalyst for a spiritual awakening that shattered my previous life and lead me to build the one I have now. 

astrology put me back in touch with myself and my own rhythms

If the stars could shift and eventually come back to a starting point, I could too. And since the stars are humanity's collective witnesses and storytellers, what stories are they telling about me now? What stories are they telling about you?

Astrology was my slingshot out of burnout

It wasn't just about finding relief from burnout or “getting unstuck”; it was about rediscovering myself. If burnout crowds you out of your own life, then spirituality (through both tarot & astrology) was what helped me to take up space again. My journey with getting to know my cards & stars guided me back to myself and gave me an unshakeable sense of resilience that was rooted in something so much bigger than me. This spiritual awakening became the cornerstone of my recovery and the catalyst for real, lasting change.

Understanding and nurturing this soulful aspect isn't just an optional step; it's the essential path to profound transformation and self-discovery. This journey of spiritual self discovery is what I guide woo-curious professionals like you through during or after a period of burnout, darkness, or upheaval, using Practical Woo.

It's about charting a course to your true self, where tarot & astrology serve not only as a source of knowledge but as a compass for meaningful action in our lives…no matter what else is happening

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Intuitive, personalized session that blends no-nonsense spiritual insight with modern self-growth techniques so you can 5x your self trust, reduce stress, and increase your capacity to tackle the uncertainty of life. In this LIVE 50-minute session, we'll untangle your current situation and get to the root of what's happening to create a Practical Woo Care Plan including action steps and tools you can start using immediately.

"I feel like you have an amazing intuitive nature about you that allows you to really connect with someone on a soul level. Your work is important!" - Kris Foster, accountant

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