Burnout Is Spiritual

Burnout has many faces, diagnoses, and associated pathologies
but at its core is it the same…

🚫 Burnout crowds you out of your own life 🔥

It starts slow until the next thing you know you’re living on a prayer that if you can just get past this next week, this next launch, this next big milestone…everything will be smoother.

But when you really look at it, you realize there’s no time for YOU anymore. Not the things you love, not the people you love, nor the energy to even think about it.

cutting off access to our passions, our truth, or our intuition is spiritual warfare

So how do you fight back? ➡️ You jailbreak outta that b*tch by reclaiming who you are at your core: your gifts, your perspective, and your Spirit.

Spiritual connection is the first step in healing from burnout for good.

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Spirituality is just anything that connects you to something bigger than yourself

If you come from a faith tradition, that is spiritual.
Reading tarot and creating your own repertoire of personal rituals is spiritual. Indigenous ways of life and teachings are spiritual.

Even if you identify as an atheist and agnostic, you still have forms of spirituality available to you. This might look like staying connected to your community, your local environment, or to your sense of humanity as a whole

 All those things are also spiritual (yep, all those things totally count!).

Point being…spirituality is for everyone and it’s a critical ingredient for recovery, resilience, and wholeness.

The cool thing? This gets to look like whatever the heck you want it to.

For me, it started with stars

It was a weeknight during April 2020. That was all I knew since the days had all started bleeding together somewhere in the 3rd week of shelter-in-place orders. Burnout felt like a paltry word to describe what I was feeling: desolate, aimless, depleted. I had this bone-deep, spirit-deflating exhaustion that clung to the purpled skin of my eyes and hung off my personality like matted hair. 

Every morning was groundhog’s day: I’d wake up nauseous, dreading another day of trying to figure out virtual kindergarten for my then 6-year-old while juggling client deliverables and cleaning up after my wily 4-year-old and his 2-year-old accomplice. 

I was going certifiably insane.

While everyone grasped for something different during this time, Tiger King, toilet paper, T-Swift, and breadmaking…I had THIS. 

These eternal flames burning billions of lightyears away from where I stood. My sparkling counsel of reminders that even amid gargantuan upheaval and uncertainty, some things would remain inevitable. 

Change being one of them. 

The constellations would shift, too slow for me to notice every night, but enough to realize that 3 months later, I was staring up at a different sky. 

A year later, I’d find familiar friends winking back at me. So much change and here we meet again. 

Drinking in the nocturnal sky was my first love of astrology. Before I carefully studied the archetypes, their mythos, or practical applications – I beseeched them personally.

that was how i learned to dance with change

...to embrace its inevitability

The constellations tell stories and while they may shift and evolve over time, the rhythm of them do not. And this is the power in astrology. No matter what stage of breakdown, burnout or reinvention you find yourself in – if you can identify the rhythm, you’ll never lose your center.

That epiphany was the catalyst for a spiritual awakening that shattered my previous life and lead me to build the one I have now. 

astrology put me back in touch with myself and my own rhythms

If the stars could shift and eventually come back to a starting point, I could too. And since the stars are humanity’s collective witnesses and storytellers, what stories are they telling about me now? What stories are they telling about you?

Spirituality was my slingshot out of burnout

It wasn’t just about finding relief from burnout; it was about rediscovering myself. If burnout crowds you out of your own life, then cultivating spiritual connection was what helped me to take up space in my own life again. My journey with astrology guided me back to my most genuine self and gave me an unshakeable sense of confidence that was rooted in something so much bigger than me. This spiritual awakening became the cornerstone of my recovery and the catalyst for real, lasting change.

Understanding and nurturing this soulful aspect isn’t just an optional step; it’s the foundation of true healing and momentum. This momentum is what I help like-minded professionals like you to build back up after a season of burnout, darkness, or upheaval using The Momentum Method. 

the momentum method

Spiritual connection




After rediscovering your vision and self-concept, we work on laying unf*ckwithable boundaries so you can protect your peace, your energy, and your gifts. The stars might help you find yourself but you gotta learn how to have your own back.


Confidence is the final piece of the puzzle — the stage where you learn how to trust yourself more, step into visibility, and take back the reins of your career and direction in life.

spiritual connection

Each phase of the Momentum Method builds upon the last, but it all starts with that inner alignment.

It's about more than just bouncing back

it’s about creating that inner momentum we need to balance our professional ambitions while maintaining our sense of wonder and personal well-being through it all.

If you’re ready to not just recover from burnout but to use it as a launchpad for a life filled with meaning, clarity, and wonder…then I’m ready to guide you forward. 

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