I’ll teach you how to use your birth chart for everyday living, personal development, and mindfulness

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If astrology is the language of the stars…then the Zodiac is the alphabet. Download this concise guide and learn the basic traits and symbolism of the 12 zodiac signs.

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Consider me your personal alignment guide

And not in a woo-woo way) though, I am 100% about that life ✨) – but in a super grounded, hyper-practical, call-you-on-your-bullshit-because-I’ve-been-there type of way.

I bring a blend of equal parts strategy, spirituality, and evidence-based resilience science to the coaching dynamic.

What thrills me? Helping you connect the dots between who you’ve been, who you are, and who you want to be using your birth chart. I often hear hear my clients say “I wish there was a blueprint for my life!” And I’m here to tell you…there is.

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Helping Online Service Pros Find Their Momentum After Seasons of Stagnation

Astrology is NOT just blaming everything on Mercury Retrograde…or your shitty attitude on being an Aries Rising. It’s also not just learning how to cope with the stress of our times. It’s learning how to grow from life’s struggles and curve balls to come out stronger than ever. It’s letting every crack that’s made you feel broken turn into neural pathways for your own light to get out.

This is about reclaiming your energy, focus, and passions. It’s about letting a more powerful, spirited version of yourself emerge from the darkness you’re navigating right now

MYTH: Astrology is about learning to predict the future


TRUTH: Astrology is both a map and reflection of our own psyche. When we understand the stars of our birth chart, we understand ourselves deeper. When you know yourself (like really know yourself) you learn how to have your own back, how to tend to yourself (no matter how busy or sucky things are going), and how to keep your focus on the things that matter most while maintaining a sense of wonder through it all.

There’s a few ways you can get started with this…

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Weekly wisdom column with bite-sized reflections that I send every Tuesday to help you learn + integrate practical astrology

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Decode your astrology for business success & personal growth without the confusion of doing it alone. Hosted for FREE once per month.

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60-min 1:1 tarot reading and integrative coaching session for those ready to unlock the clarity & insights needed for the chapter ahead.

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Working with Ash has been a life-changing experience. The results that I received were instantaneous. Ash gives you the tools to start using right away. I did the work, used the tools, and started thriving more personally and professionally.

Kasey Chase, Business Manager & DOO Certified Pro

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8-week transformative journey that melds astrology, philosophy, and depth psychology to reveal your deepest self. Discover how celestial patterns mirror your outlook on life and guide your personal rhythms.
In this program, you’ll uncover the secretes hidden in your birth chart, aligning your existence with the cosmos for profound clarity and purpose. Let’s navigate life’s complexities using the stars as our guide.